The Gospel !! 1Cor15:3-4, Ok, Chapter & Verse Please for “The Scriptures”

The two people the below letters are addressed to are Debbie Motylinski and Sonja Heady

First some preliminaries, The Maranatha Bible Society has a Web Site:

Or, just Google “Maranatha Bible Society”, contained on this site is everything that I bring into question in the below letters. Theses series of letters I wrote to Debbie & Sonja AFTER my departure from this fellowship of farces…after “The Incident” (click on the below hyper-link): 

These letters were written almost seven rears ago, they have NEVER been a reply.


Dear Debbie & Sonja

I am anticipating (note future tense) some reaction to my Isaiah 1:18 & “Incident” letters so even prior to having received anything I am composing this. I hope that you immediately notice my tone. I’m especially trying not to be the wrathful me as I have been in my previous letters. Why, you have a legitimate reason to ask, have I written those letters in the first place. The answer is, that unlike someone else who has been the reception of my wrath I really do believe in taking a stand.

What exactly this stand is, is like looking at an elephant under a microscope. The stand is: the Gospel according to the Scriptures. It’s the last 3 words of that simple 5 word phrase, according to the scriptures. Paul, when he wrote this, used that phrase twice…that’s like saying “verily verily”. A slight digression, “verily”…N.T. word #281, also used in the Old Testament but translated from several words…meaning “Truly”. “Verily, verily”, used ONLY by the Lord Jesus and Only in the Gospel of John, and when it is used it is ALWAYS followed by “I say unto thee” or “I say unto you”! The point I am making is that Paul writing “according to the scriptures” twice, in reference to his Gospel in 1 Cor 15:3 & 4 is like the Lord Jesus saying “Verily,verily”. Why than, are these Scriptures that are of paramount importance, NEVER referenced by this “church”? The fellowship that I once held so dear but have come to regard as a cult.

Oh…maybe you have picked up on how I write “The Lord Jesus”. I suppose I should do some explaining: Did or did not Paul write that we are to follow him as he followed Christ? Did or did not Paul state that he was a “…pattern to them which should hereafter believe…” With that being the case I will follow the example of my brother Paul, thank you. Whatever accolades some cult wants to bestow upon their another jesus, they can do so without me. F.Y.I. I am not the only person who has become dis-enamored with the ministry of the late D.R. One other person is my mother, and I can varely-verely assure you that it was NOT because of any arm twisting by me. She has seen this for herself. As a testimony (to illustrate no arm twisting by me), while she was in the assisted living facility in Mansfield she did something, she made some plans. Rather personal really, she planed her funeral! One of the points of planning: She wishes to be in attendance nobody from maranatha. The other people I know about I will leave un-named.
I’m leading up to something. Paul said in 2 Cor 4:3 that his Gospel was hid to those that were lost. Why? Read the whole discourse in Mathew 13 about why speakest thou in parables, the same discourse in John 12. Note the conclusion of the train of thought; Matt 13:15 and 12:40. THAT is why! I already know the rebuttal I will get…”That’s only for the Jews”. I will not rebut their rebuttal, not that I can’t, I just wouldn’t.

Continuing about “hid”, I’ll use an analogy to start, lets say you have something, something very precious…priceless…irreplaceable. You know somebody else wants it and they will ransack your house to get it. Somebody that is not supposed to have it…what do you do?? You hide it so well that they CANNOT POSSIBLY find it. The absolute perfect hiding place…right in front of their nose!

“Truth”…why is hiding it right in front of their nose the absolute best place? Because it is impossible for them to see. Is that to simplistic of an answer? See John 8:43, 45 and 47. John himself references verse 47 in his 1st Letter, chapter four verse six. I am well aware that the overwhelming majority of the members of the society which I have distain to name will take this letter and trash it! Why? Because they think, “All we need is Paul-Paul-Paul”…I’m wondering a wonder just after I have typed the last sentence…something the Bible doesn’t say…If there is “another jesus…is there another paul?? The Paul that I know would most definitely not approve of the antics of this one particular “society”.

I’m getting off my main train of thought. I have recently done some calculations concerning certain days and dates of the Old Testament. These calculations are directly reverent to the Gospel According to the Scriptures. Sonja, there is a copy enclosed for you, and Debbie, the enclosure for you is a revision of the one I sent to your husband…I did my best to expunge my caustic sarcasm.

My purpose for doing this study is to show how important the days and dates are as they apply to God Almighty’s singular most significant Holy Day…Passover. So as not to bog you down with the nitty-gritty of the details of the calculations, for you I will state my major deduction first…than keep this in the back of your mind as you apprise yourself of my skolarship.
Can you see that according to the twelfth chapter of Exodus that the crucifixion was the 14th day of the 1st month (weather that month was Nisan or Abib is not important…Abib is “leap month”). Paul so states in 1 Cor 5:7, Christ is our Passover. Than, given the four Gospel accounts that the resurrection was on the 1st day of the week…just back up 3 days and 3 nights, the crucifixion was Wednesday “at even”.

Back to “Hidden” and “Why speakest thou in parables”…I did allude in my Isaiah 1:18 letter about an acid test question. I dub this as an acid test because if you are not the elect it is not possible to correctly answer this, AND it’s hid right in front of everybody’s nose. Oh…one last thing…I can’t answer the question for you…God Almighty has got to reveal this to you.
The Question: According to the Gospel accounts of Mathew, Mark and Luke…the last supper…was that the Passover meal?

I could keep writing but for now I think I have presented more than enough for one letter. Oh again…I would love it if you two got in communication so as to put your heads together and compare notes.

Written by my hand: Allan Lewicki
P.S. Debby, would you please ask your husband to tell his twin in Lynn Haven Fl. To stop sending that newsletter. The only thing it does to both me and my Mom is nauseate us.

The Next Installment

Dear Debbie & Sonja:

As if I don’t already know, my writings of “edification” are received with less than enthusiasm. Why is this?…I will tell you why, but first I need to back up. The time period being shortly before me and my Mom severed our relationship with Medina.

My Mom received a letter, I’ll even tell you who it was from: Millie Rhodes. My Mom threw it in the garbage…not in the trash…the GARBAGE!! Somewhat unusual since she NEVER discards a letter. The point I am about to make is about “The Gospel”.

I can’t remember exactly the entire content of this letter, but I most definitely remember why it went where it did. I will paraphrase; It went “Dear Harriet…lovey-dovey lovey-dovey lovey-dovey…I thank brother Dusty so much for saving my soul…because me preached the death, burial and resurrection according to the Pauline Scriptures” (underlined emphasis is my own). We both just about barfed (I’ve already used the word puke a couple of times and I don’t want to seem redundant…As I’ve said in a previous letter…I have such a way with words)

Here is the point, the above paragraph, even though dripping with my caustic sarcasm, is EXACTLY what the members of the Maranatha Bible Cult think!…Tell me that’s not “another gospel”. AND, on top of that…never mind what Scriptures Paul told Timothy to study (2 Tim 3:15), and never mind what R.E.R. has written himself (Progressive Revelation pages 88 & 257)
To illustrate this point further, the point being that “…the gospel according to the scriptures…” the scriptures meaning the writings of Paul (and Paul only), I recall a not to long ago news letter in which Bro Take-a-Stand boldly proclaimed (allow me to paraphrase, I’m not going to go find this), “You can take your bible and hold it up, put your index finger on Hebrews and your thumb on Romans, and THAT IS ALL YOU NEED”…Do you wonder why that news letter nauseates both me and my Mom!? To get right down to it, the above is pure and simple HERESY!

I already know this Cult’s position on “the scriptures”…That’s only for the Jews…Than, pray tell, why does Paul write so many times, “as it is written…for it is written…etc” Evidently it has been revealed to dusty rhoads that Paul is referencing his own writings. To back this up see Conference Messages Vol. 1, page 418, lines 20~24. Hay R.E.R…Who is a Jew, Rom 2:28!!
The definition of a cult…just think (and this time I’m not being sarcastic), this definition is straight out of one of the books written by R.E.R. See his commentary on Hebrews, page 243, line 2. If a person is to be judged by every idle word that proceeds from his mouth (Mat 12:36), how much more for what he has written! Def: A Cult; Relies on some far-out-theory OR one particular facet of Christendom.

Hmmm, “far-out theory”…that couldn’t possibly be a theory like “according to the scriptures means the writings of Paul”, AND…”one particular facet” couldn’t possibly be somebody that preaches Paul-Paul-Paul…Nnaaa!

But the above paragraph is EXACTLY what those people do believe. Why is that? I will tell you why, and it’s not all that complicated. I’ve referred in several of the letters I have written to a word study I have done: We & us vs. They & them. Here is the reason why, and only one of the characteristics of them; They believe not the truth (2 Thess 2:12 just one of several). Note that… do not believe the truth… not that they wouldn’t, they can’t (the same 2 Thess reference).
Let me make a perfectly clear example of this, an example that YOU have seen with your own two eyes. Take ABSOLUTE TRUTH, like Proverbs 30: 5 & 6, put it in front of them (or him if your getting the jest of this example), put along side a few corruptions by R.E.R. (like pages 53 and 306 of P.R.) and ask them a very simple question…”Which one is true?” Oh, the Proverbs 30 reference is just one of many you could use, for a more complete listing see my list at the start of my “Clarification”.

I have heard it said by R.E.R. and several others that “you can’t tell who the elect are”, excuse me but yes you can…you can use the above example to do it. The Apostle John said the very same thing in a different way…a very simple test…1 John 4:6. Oh again, that First John reference is exactly what the overwhelming majority of the members of my favorite cult would do, they would take this letter and trash it. And again…Galatians 4:16.

With all the above in mind I can make a list, but remember that this list is only partial, that is because the people that are not on this list are question marks. Note that your husband is NOT on the list.

A list of people known to be NOT Elect:

Dusty Rhoads
Frank Riley
Ken Brandt
Henry Dziczkowski
Carol Sroka
Dale Koller
Harry & Lee Heise

The two latest additions: Jerry & Trudy Rasmussen

Some comments about this list: Carol Sroka, the details require one whole letter, they are tangentially involved with her father, but here is what I can say very briefly. The same example above of placing absolute truth right under their nose; I have done that with her and she denied it.

Jerry & Trudy Rasmussen: I sent a letter to Jerry, it was an order (note word) for a current mailing list, it came back marked refused along with my two copies of my “Incident” letter.
On the basis of just one of several, 1 John 4:6, he and his wife make the list. A Digression: this is one of the things that nauseate me. He gets a letter from me, a letter with the over all subject of Salvation and Damnation…what does he do…he sticks his into the sand just like an Ostrich! They ought to have all their conferences up in Michigan with that guy that raises Ostriches…they would be in such good company…fellowship! Oh, Oh-oh, a digression from this digression. My primary purpose for sending that letter was NOT that I really needed a mailing list. I needed a reason to send a letter, here is what I wanted to find out A) will he accept or reject it…if he rejects it than 1 John 4:6, if he accepts it …it gives me one more opportunity to rub his nose in dusty rhoade’s N.T. word # 2875. That is the letter that was included in the latest mailing to your husband…whatever happens to it, I don’t really care.

Frank Riley: Debbie, this comment you will be able to concur because YOU were DIRECTLY involved (Devine Providence?…remove the question mark). It was at the last conference attended by my mother and myself, it was the last day of the conference, the prayer before the parting meal, Frank Riley calls for the attention of everybody, he makes a few remarks. AND THAN HE ASKS HARRY HEISE TO PRAY!! While this prayer was being said YOU were holding hands with ME! I remember that after this prayer I hade a comment to you, if you can remember that comment, I will tell you now that it was not exactly what I was thinking, What I was thinking EXACTLY was “Frank Riley…you O.T. word #5130, adjective; O.T. word # 2716 noun”! ~~~~ Why was I thinking that? If you also remember, there was one bible study that I was vehemently objecting to two things about Harry Heise, first his preterism and second his Greek bible. YOU were sitting right next to me (again, Devine Providence…hindsight is always 20/20).

Sonja, you might not immediately understand O.T. words #5130 & 2716. It’s a title I have dubbed upon the 4th person of the above list…ask Debbie.

Hay Debbie-Debbie & Sonja-Sonja, should this letter be made known to the fellowship at large (actually, I hope it does) not only will you be held up to their scrutiny…why am I writing to you, why are you accepting these letters, what do you think…they will have to figure out how they can send someone to the pit of Hell to dig deeper so as to have a place for me.
Excuse my sarcasm, did, or did, not Paul name names? Like Alexander the Coppersmith. Did, or did not, Paul give a reason to Timothy why he named names. Are we, or are we not, to follow Paul’s example.

I cannot put on paper the seriousness of my reason for naming these names. If you are the elect, and I most certainly hope and pray that you are:
These people are your Bitter-Bitter Enemies! They are the enemies of your soul.
Written by my hand: Allan Lewicki

P.S. I sincerely hope your husband takes heed to this letter.

Installment #2

Dear Debbie & Sonja:

Is what I have previously written making sense? Does it really line up with Scripture? I suppose if you have a handle on my previous writings, you may wonder a wonder. You may wonder:
How was Dusty Rhoads able to do what he did
And, For such a long time?

I think I can answer that. First, what did dusty rhoads NOT do, He did not preach the Gospel according to the Scriptures. He did “…not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord…”(Acts 13:10). The forgoing is so simple, this is precisely what Paul said in 2 Cor 11:4 and in Galatians 6 & 7. Note that in the Galatians passage the same word is used, “pervert”, as in the Acts passage (just in case anybody wants to get extra fussy, these two places do not use the same Greek word, I know, but they mean the same English word).

Q: Did dusty rhoades have “the right ways of the Lord”? A: Yes, namely the Gospel according to the Scriptures. Q: Did dusty rhoades pervert this? A: Yes, he TOTALLY ignored the Scriptures. Does this real life example make clear the meaning of Romans 1:18.

The parallel: In the Acts 13 passage it is one Elymas Bar-jesus that has done this. I find it most interesting that that name is spelled with a lower case j. (Something else, but it is probably irrelevant, my computer concordance will not find Bar-jesus). I also find it most interesting that ALL of the other translations use an upper case J. What does the name mean? Bar=son of, so the name means “the son of another jesus”…Such a parallel!

Now that I have delineated what this Elymas Bar-jesus did, the next point is how he did it. He was a Sorcerer, a False Prophet (yes I changed the capitalization but also note that there are no quotation marks) Another very interesting point, the word translated sorcerer is N.T. word # 3097, it is translated elsewhere as “wise man”…Hmmm…a “wise man” “sorcerer”.

So, somebody by the “wisdom” of his “sorceries” attracts a following. Also note that this guy attempted to “…turn away the deputy from the faith” (Acts 13:8). AND. THE FAITH is the one faith spoken of by Paul in Ephesians 4:5

Am I saying that dusty rhoads has done the same thing. YES I MOST CERTAINLY AM!! Here is another of a series of interesting points (that’s like a coincidence on top of a coincidence…that’s no coincidence) Galatians 3:1, Paul uses the word “bewitched” it’s N.T. word # 940, that word, 940, is the only time it is used (check my scholarship). It means, “to fascinate by false representation”…Hmmm!

Paul doesn’t say in the book of Galatians exactly how another gospel is preached, but by his use of the word “bewitched” I would bet it was the same method used by Elymas Bar-jesus.
Continuation of interesting points, in Galatians 5:7 Paul uses in relation to the Truth the word “obey”. This is not the same Greek word used in relation to the Gospel in 2 Thess 1:8. My point being that those who disobey the Gospel in the second Thessalonians passage have done so as I have I have already written about in my “Gospel according to the Scriptures” letter. Do you know anybody today that obeys the Gospel?? And yes, excuse me R.E.R. the word is obey, not believe…Hay, the devils believe (and tremble) James 2:19! But do they OBEY!!

A farther expansion of N.T. word # 940; TO FASCINATE…what did R.E.R. use to do this fasination? The Body of Christ! Now you must understand that I hold the principles of the truths taught by Paul concerning the Body of Christ as vital, there is one singular point of the maranatha bible cult that I have expressed to my Mom (and someone else too) about them: Please excuse my bluntness, the only accurate way to express what I think is to do simply that…express exactly what I think. I think…”If that puddle of diarrhea (et. al.) is the Body of Christ, then I’ll be a Buddest Monk”! You can quote me on that. Needless to say, I have some drastically variant views concerning the doctrines of the Body of Christ as the late R.E.R. For example, one of several Old Testament saints that I perceive as being members of the Body of Christ…David.
How many times have you heard R.E.R. belittle the Gospel of John (Oh that irked me)? O.K. dusty rhoads…if “there is no Gospel in the Gospel of John”, kindly show me The Gospel in the epistles of Paul. The Gospel, that is according to the Scriptures. And as long as you are going to be doing that, lets go over your doctrine of the Book of Revelation, namely “The Body of Christ is never-never-never (I don’t remember exactly how many tines he said never, this was at a mine conference at ken brant’s…this is on a VHS tape. If you would like to document this but can’t find the tape, just use P.R. page 103, the last sentence) in the Book of Revelation. I’ve’ got more to say about Revelation, but for now let me continue about worship.

Lets establish some simple doctrine. Doctrine attached to one simple English word…worship.
Just a very few of the over 100 times that word is used 1) Matt 4:9. 2) Rev 22:9, pay close attention that the word is N.T. word #4352, this is essentially the same as O.T. word # 7812.
Now look up Daniel 2:46, note that the word translated “worshipped” is NOT # 7812, it’s 5457. If the word were #7812 Daniel probably would have done something similar to what happened to John in Rev 22:9.

I have now set the stage…”the Body of Christ is never-never-never in the Book of Revelation”, O.K. R.E.R… kindly explain to me the use of the N.T. word # 4352, translated worship as used in Rev 3:9 !!!

I will explain it, it’s like looking at an elephant under a microscope. The Church of Philadelphia is the Body of Christ, and as such has all of the rights and privileges attached thereto…including worship!

My continuation about the Book of Revelation…this one my mother even fusses about, The word “blessed”. Note that it is past thence. Allow me an analogy using a past thence word, any past thence word will do but I will choose a word ending with ed, how about “love”. Lets exchange the word “bless” in Rev 1:3 and 22:7 with the word “love”. Those verses would than read…Loved is he that readeth…and…Loved is he that keepeth.

So what’s the big deal, this is the big deal. The overwhelming majority of “Christians” think a blessing is attached to the reading of the Book of Revelation, i.e. in order to be blessed read Revelation. NOT SO…again, the word is past thence. Allow me to read these two passages from Allan’s amplified version of the bible: Rev 1:3…He that reads and hears these words does so because he has been blessed. Rev 22:7…They that do his commandments do so because they have been blessed. Now am I sniffing glue or am I rightly dividing the word?

I have a most definite reason for making the above analogy. With the two Revelation verses in mind, ask yourself a question…How “blessed” is the maranatha bible cult??

I think that the forgoing is a sufficient addition to my to previous letters. So I will close with a suggestion (if you will allow me). DO NOT discuss these letters with anybody on my list…2 Cor 6:14

Written by my hand: Allan Lewicki

Last Installment

Dear Sonja & Debbie

There has just occurred something to me. I am not saying that as a casual remark. To illustrate, how I generally write these letters, I will get up early (I don’t set an alarm clock, I just wake up…like at 5:30), turn on my computer and start typing. Most of the time I have in my little Polish brain what I want to say. This time I did not…This came to me at 5:15 AM on Tuesday morning of the 20th of January 2004.

What I have been unknowing doing in my previous three letters is backing my favorite cult into an absolutely untenable doctrinal position…over “the scriptures”.

Let me state this revelation (I am not using that word casually) by expressing some of the impressions I have had in the not to distant past, actually in just about the last year. It’s about “the Mind”. Question: How many different “minds” are there? Answer: There is the sound mind (2 Tim 1:7), there is the mind of Christ (Phil 2:5), there is the pure mind (2 Pet 3:1), there is the corrupt mind (1 Tim 6:5 and 2 Tim 3:8), and there is the reprobate mind (Rom 1:28).

The whole reason for the above paragraph is for a basis of determining what kind of “mind” a person has. He will demonstrate this in his answers to cretin questions of a doctrinal biblical nature. I can, right off of the top of my head, think of two doctrinal positions that are a neon sigh example of the “mind” possessed by the person giving the answer. One position is almost universal (so universal that it is taken for granted) and the other one is overlooked simply because it is so asinine.

Example one of doctrinal position: This is held by the Catholic Church and I am sorry to say by just about all of Christendom. “The crucifixion was Friday”. O.K. explain 3 days and 3 nights. Here is the answer, and I am sure you have heard this before: A day or any portion of a day counts for one whole day.

Example two of doctrinal position: This is held by a substantial portion of “Christians”, “consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited” O.K. explain the 1st miracle and tell me what they drank at the last supper. Answer: It was grape juice…That, is so asinine it’s laughable.
Do these two examples, especially the second one illustrate what I am saying about a neon sign demonstration of a “sound mind”!?

Set aside momentarily my short discourse on “the mind”, I have stated in no uncertain terms that Dusty Rhoads never preached the Gospel. I have done this by stating that this man never based his gospel on the scriptures.

Back to “the mind” and doctrinal position, the only way that this cult can explain away the problem I have put them in, is to insist that “the scriptures” refer to the writings of Paul. Tell me that that is the deduction of a sound mind.

Debbies and Sonjas of the jury…I rest my case.

The Dilemma

The definition of a dilemma is a problem that requires a solution, but the solution is worse than the problem. Here is the problem: The identity of some biblical text, this text was spoken of by Paul in many-many places. The two particular places are the double references of “the scriptures” as recorded in 1 Cor 15:4 & 5

There are two possible answers as to what constitutes these “Scriptures”. The first is the position held by the maranatha bible cult, that these scriptures are the writings of Paul, and exclusively his writings. This despite what this cults founder has stated in print in several of his writings. The second is the position held by Allan Lewicki, that “The Scriptures” spoken of by Paul are ALL of the Old Testament canonical documents.

This short paper does not purport to argue what set of scriptures are the ones referenced by Paul. The purpose of this writing is to examine the ramifications that the opposing position will be held responsible.

Position One: The Scriptures are the writings of Paul. If this is so than Allan Lewicki will need to explain why he insists on paying attention to useless, arcane, ancient traditions as spoken of in the Old Testament Books. Especially, extra especially, Passover.

Position Two: The Scriptures are the cannon of the Old Testament. If this is so than Dusty Rhoads will have to explain why he never preached the Gospel, and, if he never preached THE Gospel, what gospel did he preach? 2 Cor 11:4 and Gal 1:6

A Dilemma…is there a word attached to the two above scripture references?…N.T. word #331

Written By my hand: Allan Lewicki


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